Seed Studio Gallery

Seed Studio Gallery, Traverse City Michigan

The Seed Studio Gallery located in the heart of Old Town, Traverse City, Michigan. This fine art gallery offers a unique art display of paintings highlighting local farming, nature and much more. When you first visit the studio gallery, you will notice art of sunflowers, bees, trees, fields and other work inspired by agriculture. Whether you come to admire a still life painting or buy seed paintings, you can be certain to find art you are looking for and leave with a better understanding of the local culture captured by many of the artists on display.

This art gallery also provides a unique mixture of artist inspiration. Experience the unique style of Lindy Bishop. Her oil paintings are sensitive but at the same time embrace bold and colorful brushwork. Get lost in the unique style of Michael Gould as he explores the rural lansdscape while living in Germany. His rich work with color theory, rich pastels and oil remain a focal point in his style. Michael Gould of Germany, shares his style to produce fresh and original art paintings for everyone to admire. Come see Mae Conner's fruit and vegetable paintings, Lars-Birger Sponsberg's expressionistic paintings of farming countryside, Danielle Crilly's abstract interpretation of time and place in rural America, Wendy Chaney's art of local scenery, and Sallie Stanley's impressionistic paintings of everything from portraits to table top fruit. Discover the Send Brothers sunflowers that inspire original art paintings from area artists or the Stone Brothers squash that brings fine paintings to the Seed Studio Gallery in Traverse City, Michigan. Eniko Stone's original paintings convey the rich colors and styles of her childhood in Romanian Transylvania in a two dimensional technique using felt to structure painted layers.

The Seed Studio Gallery also provides unique entertainment for everyone. Come to the gallery to enjoy music events, written poetry, and other events, shows and entertainment showcasing incredible local talent. The area is home to a wide range of musical and artistic styles you may not first expect. Many local artists also play at other art galleries in the Traverse City area, but you won't be able to experience the same style and environment that the Seed Gallery offers. Get swept away in the poetry readings and music events that encompass living, the immersion of many cultures, and small pleasures, like sunflowers.